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Pricing system

My prices depend on the kind of service you request:

a) You tell me the lowest price you found to check if there is anything cheaper.
If I will find a cheaper option, you will pay 40% of the saved money. If I won't find any, you won't pay anything. You can only win :-)

b) You have a rather clear idea about where to go, but you could not find out a price, so you want me to do this.
This is a bit tricky to price. I would like to charge something like 10% of the trip's value, but then you might doubt that I tell you the cheapest option... So I will rather take 15 Euros for this kind of request.
- Need to check how much this is in your currency? Click! -

c) You are looking for more general advice, maybe individual suggestions about where to go, maybe help with putting up an itinerary or any other kind of transport-related issues.
This is probably the most fun job for me, but it is virtually impossible to determine a fixed fee. Just send me a request and I will offer you a price based on the time and effort it would take me.

d) You are looking for information on where to find gluten-free or other "special" foods. As I know from my own experience how difficult and expensive it is to live and to travel with such a condition, I will do this for free.

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