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Frequently asked questions

- Who can benefit from this site?

Mainly individual travelers, I guess. Well, anyone who wants to go from one place in Europe to another, not using a travel agent's and not being an expert in the transportation system of the respective countries. Lonely planet types of travelers, interrailers/eurailers, those who find those rail passes too expensive and/or too inflexible for their purpose...

I cannot give advise on package tours or accommodation, but I think there are already plenty of sites dealing with that anyway.
Oh, actually I do have some advice on accommodation: try BeWelcome, hospitalityclub, or couchsurfing for minimum costs and maximum local experience :-)

- How do I pay?

I'm not a big entrepreneur, so I can't offer credit card payments at this point. You can pay through paypal, which is very convenient, and you do not need to sign up there for paying to my account. Alternatively, you can transfer the money directly to my bank account.

If you have any other questions, please use my contact form!

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